Last-minute rooms 2017


We have been able to secure a whole family house in Ede, close to the CHE and the main road to Wageningen University campus. This house has four bedrooms and comes with a large shared living room, kitchen, bathroom, extra toilet, washing machine, laundry room, wifi and a garden.

  • Availability: 26 August – 28 September
  • Average size of the rooms: 12 m2 (two large rooms, one average, one small)
  • Price is all-in, so includes furnishing, energy and wifi

Because of the limited availability we will furnish it only with the following basics:

  • bed with mattrass, pillow, cover and sheets
  • desk with chair
  • a few comfy chairs/couches in the living room
  • kitchen with fridge, cooking plates, oven and water cooker
  • minimal set of pans, plates, mugs and cutlery
  • laundry drying reck

The house is in a lovely, green neighborhood and has lots of space. Bus stop within 50 meters with a connection to the CHE and Wageningen University. Room to park your bicycle.

A great place to land for one month and use that time to look for a better student room in Ede or Wageningen!

Specific conditions:

  • Fixed price and period (no reductions for shorter stays)
  • Return the accommodation as you received it: clean and tidy
  • No pictures available, but this house has the same size and grid and gives a fair indication (furnishing will be much more basic though)


  1. Indicate your interest by signing up with the form below. Please do this immediately, as we will only furnish the house when there’s enough interest.
  2. You can either secure a room immediately with a creditcard reservation (then you have it before the crowd arrives), or you can come to the viewing day on Saturday 26 August. We’ll let you know the exact time and place.
  3. On the viewing day you can choose the room you prefer, sign the rental agreement, pay the rent in cash, and receive the key to the house immediately. It’s on a first come, first serve basis.

Interested? Then please sign up with this form: